How to Apply for Section 8 in Alabama


HUD Section 8 applications in Alabama must be filled out carefully. It is imperative to know precisely how to apply for Section 8 housing in AL, as any mistakes on an HUD section 8 application can be costly, and most errors are easily avoidable. Before they begin the application process, applicants must visit their nearest HUD office in order to register for Section 8 housing program benefits. Applicants can only complete HUD section 8 applications for programs with open waiting lists. For more information about how to sign up for Section 8 in Alabama, read below:

  • How to apply for Section 8 housing in Alabama
  • How to register for Section 8 housing program in Alabama
  • Check status for Section 8 application in Alabama

How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Alabama

If an AL applicant requires help on how to sign up for Section 8, any HUD or PHA office can provide assistance with the process. Before completing the online application for low income housing, it is recommended that you consult a professional, since most applicants who do so are more likely to have their application accepted the first time. The HUD Section 8 application must be submitted along with the appropriate documentation. Once applicants register for Section 8 housing program benefits, there is a two-week waiting period during which the HUD Section 8 application is processed. If a confirmation letter has not been received shortly after the two-week waiting period, applicants are encouraged to call their local HUD or PHA office for more information.

How to Register for Section 8 Housing Program in Alabama

In addition to submitting via mail, online applications for low income housing are also offered to any applicants who have access to a computer. Online applications for low income housing are the preferred method of applying with an HUD Section 8 application due to the speed with which the application can be filled out. There is also less chance of any corresponding paperwork being lost in transit. To submit an online application for low income housing in AL, an applicant will first have to create an account before filling out any forms. Similar to the paper HUD section 8 application, all of the required documentation must still be attached. In general, the types of documentation required when you register for Section 8 housing program benefits include documents such as:

  • Social security cards*.
  • Rental history.
  • Proof of all family income.
  • Personal identification*.

*Note that both SSC and personal ID require documentation for every household member.

While completing an online application for low income housing, if an applicant is uncertain as to where Section 8 housing is offered in or around their area, HUD has a website with an extensive list of landlords and properties. The search can be refined to finding landlords for a single area and from there an application can be downloaded and filled out. Applicants are not limited to submitting only one HUD Section 8 application, they are free to submit multiple applications to surrounding areas to be placed on waiting lists. On average, each state has anywhere from four to ten housing authorities in different counties and cities.

Check Status for Section 8 Applications in Alabama

Waiting for HUD Section 8 applications to be processed leaves many applicants on edge. Once an applicant does register for Section 8 housing program benefits, and the HUD Section 8 application has been submitted to the HUD, a waiting period of at least two weeks begins, where a confirmation letter can arrive at any point. Confirmation letters are crucial because they will confirm whether an applicant’s HUD section 8 application has been accepted or not, and if so, when the rental assistance benefits will arrive. In the event that an applicant has their mailed or online application for low income housing denied, a letter will also be sent in the mail. If there is any change in address before the confirmation letter arrives in the mail, it is imperative that an applicant contact the HUD office and update the address information immediately.

In order to check status for Section 8 applications in AL, you must allow two weeks for your application to be processed. If two weeks have already passed since you submitted your HUD section 8 application, and you have not yet received a letter, it is general practice to contact your local HUD office for more information. It is important to go to the same HUD office where your HUD section 8 application was filed, as no other HUD office will have record of that application.

In the event that the HUD Section 8 application was submitted through the online application for low income housing, the local HUD office cannot help. The applicant must go back online to submit an inquiry form on the website where the application was admitted. If there are any general questions about how to register for the Section 8 housing program or how the applications are processed, contact the local HUD office for assistance. There are HUD Section 8 application representatives who are willing to help answer any questions or to assist with application-related matters.

What is Section 8?

The Section 8 program was created by the federal government to assist low-income individuals and families with finding affordable private housing. To learn how you can become a member of this assistance program, download our helpful guide today. Beneficiaries of the program have a percentage of their rent covered by the government via housing subsidies, which are administered on a local level by public housing agencies or PHAs directly to landlords. Section 8 members are allowed to choose apartments, townhouses or even modest homes in this program, but the landlord must accept government subsidies in order for the provided housing vouchers to be used. Learn more about how you can qualify for housing assistance and discover the steps to file an application by clicking here.

How much will my housing subsidy be?

As a Section 8 beneficiary, you will pay the difference between your landlord’s rent amount and how much your housing subsidy covers. To find out how you can get a housing subsidy, download our guide now. If you are accepted into the Section 8 program, your public housing agency will calculate the maximum assistance you can receive. Your maximum housing assistance will either be the total rent of your apartment/home minus 30 percent of your adjusted monthly income or it will be the payment standard less 30 percent of your adjusted monthly income, whichever amount is lower. To find out how Section 8 can benefit you today, click here.