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Learn About Section 8 Waiting Lists in Washington D.C.


Section 8 housing program application waiting lists for Washington D.C. waver between open and closed, dependent on housing availability. When low income housing waiting lists are closed, Section 8 applications are not accepted. However, public housing authorities encourage eligible applicants to complete their application forms even if waiting lists are closed, so that they can be quickly submitted once waiting lists reopen. When will the Section 8 waiting lists open in Washington D.C.? Information about Section 8 waiting lists can be found online or at a local housing authority office. Typically, waiting lists are not opened and closed on a set schedule. Rather, they are opened and closed based on vacancies within the program. In D.C., Section 8 housing program application waiting lists will not include individuals who have not submitted an HUD application and had their housing benefits confirmed. When housing vacancies arise for Section 8 rentals, applicants on the low income housing waiting lists are supplied with vouchers and explained their next steps.

Learn About the Section 8 Housing Waiting List in Washington D.C.

As a district, Washington D.C. operates its own Section 8 waiting list 2017 entries, much like a U.S. state would. As such, once the D.C. Section 8 housing program application waiting lists reopen, the housing authority will advertise the relevant details on the radio, in local newspapers and online, and via social media outlets for the area. Some low income housing waiting lists remain open for a few days, some for weeks at a time, though Washington D.C. low income housing waiting lists are notorious for closing quickly. The housing authority encourages eligible applicants to retain a completed application on hand so as to avoid delay in submitting the HUD application when waiting lists do reopen.

Low income housing waiting lists are available for both public housing projects as well as housing choice vouchers. Those who are currently enrolled should make a point of keeping information on their applications updated so they will not be purged from the lists due to outdated information.

How to Remain on the Washington D.C. Low Income Housing Waiting List

To remain on the low income housing waiting lists in Washington, D.C. the applicant and the applicant’s family must continue to abide by the housing authority’s rules and regulations, as well as their current landlords policies. Negative reports by landlords, or reports about criminal activity can impact someone’s position on the low income housing waiting lists, or their inclusion to the list when it opens. Periodically, the low income housing waiting lists are purged by the system, and those who no longer qualify, or are inactive, will be removed from the low income housing waiting lists to make room for new applicants. Those currently on the low income housing waiting lists in D.C. may be removed if it is learned that the Section 8 residence is not being used as a primary residence, or that the occupant has engaged in criminal activity.

How to Check Your Waiting List Status for Section 8 in Washington D.C.

The Washington, D.C. Section 8 housing waiting list 2016 is accessible by qualified persons whose names appear on the low income housing waiting lists. Current enrollees can access the low income housing waiting list by providing the unique confirmation code that was sent along with the official confirmation letter. Without this code the applicant cannot access any information about the low income housing waiting lists in D.C. Applicants whose HUD applications have just been submitted cannot check waiting list status for Section 8 housing until the application has had at least two to four weeks to be processed. After this time, or for current enrollees, when going to check waiting list status for Section 8 housing, be aware that the only information that will be viewable is a person’s position on the list, and the status of the application. If a current and eligible Section 8 enrollee does not see his or her name on the low income housing waiting list the applicant is urged to contact their housing authority in their district to inquire directly as to the delay in processing.