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Learn About Section 8 Apartments in Hawaii

Section 8 housing in Hawaii is available on each island in the greater Hawaiian island group. Comprised of four counties, with Honolulu having the largest proportion of HUD sponsored housing, Hawaii maintains and manages low income house rentals through six local housing authority agencies in the area. Low income housing in HI is a combined effort of both federal and state governmental organizations that are responsible for setting Section 8 guidelines and approving eligible families who are struggling to find decent affordable housing. HI Section 8 housing programs are titled the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands (DHHL). DHHL is responsible for providing low income housing applications, verifying Section 8 applicants, and maintaining the waiting lists.

Section 8 in HI is comprised of two types of programs, public and private, and are offered as tenant-based or project-based programs. Both programs provide low income house rentals to needy families and individuals through the utilization of housing choice voucher systems. HUD project-based Section 8 programs in HI have funding that is tied to the actual building or rental units, as opposed to tying the funding to an individual or family. Project-based rental units are considered public housing, and as one of the more popular Section 8 housing programs in the islands, vacant units do not usually stay on the waiting list for long. Most Section 8 waiting lists in Hawaii only open for a few days each year for public housing vacancies.

HUD tenant -based programs allow qualified families to find low income house rentals, or apartments, within the private sector. Competition for these units is less intense because it can often take the qualified Section 8 family some time to find a cooperating landlord or low income housing that suits their needs. Once a home has been located, the housing authority works directly with the landlord on the contract. The vouchers are paid directly to the landlord, and not to the family who is participating in the program.

The HI Section 8 housing program qualifies families based on a few factors, which include the areas of income, family composition, citizenship, and personal background. To see if they might qualify for low income housing assistance, potential applicants should review the median salary range for their area, as this is what the housing authority will base the applicant’s eligibility against. To qualify for Section 8 in Hawaii, an applicant, as well as the household, must not have a combined income that is average or above average for the area. Section 8 applicants whose combined salary falls within 80 percent of the average salary for the area will qualify, and those whose combined salary falls at the 30-50 percent mark will definitely qualify.

Learn the Requirements for Section 8 in Hawaii

When an applicant first learns about and begins to research the program, he or she may begin to wonder what it takes to qualify in their area. In the state of Hawaii, there are four counties or county equivalents, and the available rentals and eligibility requirements range depending on the county. With a smaller than average Section 8 program, Hawaii applicants may ask questions like, “Do I qualify for Section 8 housing?” and “What are the qualifications for low income housing in Hawaii?” as they look over the numbers. “What do I need to apply for Section 8?” is one of numerous questions that will be pondered once an individual has established that he or she is eligible for Section 8. Fortunately, interested individuals’ questions can all be answered at their local housing authority.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in Hawaii

In Hawaii, HUD Section 8 applications are processed by six local housing authorities depending on the area in which the applicant applies. Honolulu has the largest percentage of HUD Section 8 applications submitted annually. Available and legitimate public housing units are only administered through the Hawaii public housing authority. Since competition for these rental units in Hawaii is high, new applicants are urged to learn how to sign up for Section 8 housing by visiting with a local housing authority representative who can answer questions or assist in filling out the application. Hawaii maintains strict guidelines for both the paper HUD Section 8 application and the online application for low income housing, and only accept applications during certain times.

Learn About Section 8 Waiting Lists in Hawaii

The Hawaii Section 8 waiting list is a tool utilized by the various housing authority agencies in the state to manage qualified Section 8 applicants. Applicants of low income housing assistance in Hawaii may ask, “When will the Section 8 waiting lists open in the state?”, especially if the lists are currently closed in their area. More often than not, low income housing waiting lists in HI are closed due to Section 8 program oversubscription and insufficient resources to allocate public housing assistance to the newest applicants. Each housing authority in Hawaii maintains a Section 8 housing program application waiting list that includes names of candidates eligible for low income housing assistance. Just because an applicant’s name is added to the low income housing waiting list, does not mean it cannot be removed if the housing authority has reason to do so. It is therefore the responsibility of the applicant to ensure he or she submits relevant information when prompted to do so by the housing authority in order to avoid being dropped from the waiting list.

Learn About Section 8 Denial in Hawaii

What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in Hawaii? For those who have received a HI Section 8 denial letter, this is often the first question that comes to mind. In fact, there are many reasons for a denial, but the specific Section 8 housing disqualifications are required to be listed on the letter. Steps for how to appeal Section 8 denial is also covered in the recipient’s denial letter. In many instances, the Section 8 denial letter is issued because there is a problem with processing the Section 8 HUD application in HI. When steps are taken to correct the issues, the application can oftentimes be resubmitted. Applicants may review their HI Section 8 denial letter and believe that the claims being made are unfair or unfounded. In these instances, a Section 8 denial appeal hearing can be filed by the applicant.