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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in Idaho

To learn how to apply for Section 8 housing in Idaho, residents should first begin by picking up the Section 8 application from their local housing authority, or printing it from the local housing authority’s site. The HUD Section 8 application is an application produced on the federal level by the Housing and Urban Development Department, and administered on the local level by one of the eleven housing authorities in the state. The ID HUD Section 8 application requires applicants to provide personal information on a wide range of topics including financial history, rental history, personal background, citizenship and family composition.

Learn How to Fill Out a HUD Section 8 Application in Idaho

The HUD Section 8 application in Idaho should be filled out manually, even if the applicant wishes to submit his or her application via an online platform. Filling out the HUD Section 8 application by hand allows the candidate to make sure that it is filled out completely, and that the information placed on the application matches the information on the required documentation, exactly. Many HUD Section 8 applications are rejected for inclusion to the Section 8 housing program in Idaho due to incomplete or inaccurate HUD Section 8 applications.

One of the first sections of the HUD Section 8 application will inquire about the applicant’s household members. How many people live in the household, what are their ages (birthdates), what are their social security numbers, and are they U.S. citizens? While the household members do not have to be U.S. citizens, the applicant must be a citizen of the U.S. Additionally, HUD Section 8 applications who list children under the age of 18, or have senior members or veterans are given preference when being qualified or placed on the Section 8 waiting lists.

The next section of the HUD Section 8 application in ID will ask for financial information. The combined income of the household must be listed on the HUD Section 8 application. In order to be declared eligible for Section 8 in Idaho, the applicant and his or her household must make below the average salary for his or her area. Those applicants who make only 30-50 percent of what others of average salary make in their area are considered very low income and are given a higher priority.

Other sections on the HUD Section 8 application will cover information pertaining to past employment, military service (if applicable), and a listing of current debts and assets (over two thousand dollars in worth). If there is a criminal record for the applicant or the applicant’s household members, the report may also be required.

Once the HUD Section 8 application has been filled out manually, the next step is to transfer that information to the online application for low income housing, if the applicant wishes to do so. This is the fastest way to receive a preliminary answer about acceptance into the Section 8 program. When using the online application for low income housing in ID, make sure to have the necessary documents scanned and ready to attach to the online form. Those who opt to mail in the HUD Section 8 application, will have to make copies of the documents and send them in.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Idaho

Once the HUD Section 8 application in ID has been submitted, the applicant must allow two to four weeks before the application is fully processed. During this time, the HUD Section 8 application will be reviewed by the local housing authority and any issues that they find with the application will be noted. A Section 8 denial letter will be sent to any HUD Section 8 application that has incomplete answers, or whose information does not match the accompanying documentation. If the HUD Section 8 application has been processed successfully, the applicant will receive a confirmation code, and an official acceptance letter through regular mail.

Learn How to Check Status for Section 8 Housing in Idaho

In order to check status for Section 8 applications in Idaho, the participant must allow at least 2-4 weeks for processing. Once this has taken place, the applicant can check status for Section 8 applications by placing the registration code in the space provided on the online platform via the housing authority’s website. Another way to check status for Section 8 applications in ID is to send a request in writing to the housing authority. They will mail the information to the qualified applicant. The information that will be offered will only concern the applicant’s position on the list, and whether their application is still active.