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Learn About Section 8 Denial in Kentucky

The housing authorities send Section 8 denial letters in Kentucky to applicants who are ineligible to receive housing assistance benefits. What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in Kentucky? Section 8 denial letters in KY are common given the extensive documentation required to apply for benefits. The most common Section 8 housing disqualifications in Kentucky are incorrectly filled forms, unverifiable documentation and incorrect or unverifiable information provided on the forms. Each Section 8 denial letter lists reasons for the denial and allow the applicant to address the errors. Additionally, an applicant can opt for a Section 8 denial appeal if the reasons listed in the KY Section 8 denial letter seem unjustified. To learn what to do if Section 8 application was denied in Kentucky, read the following topics:

  • Learn about Section 8 housing disqualifications in Kentucky
  • Learn how to avoid Section 8 housing disqualifications in Kentucky
  • Learn how to appeal Section 8 denials in Kentucky

Learn About Section 8 Housing Disqualifications in Kentucky

What are the reasons for Section 8 denial? A Section 8 denial letter in Kentucky typically lists the specific reason for the disqualification. Kentucky Section 8 housing disqualifications can occur for many reasons. The applicant must know the rules and regulations that govern the federal public housing program as well as those that govern the state public housing program, as they may differ slightly. When receiving a Section 8 denial letter, the first thing to do is to read the letter carefully to locate the denial reason. In many instances, the Section 8 denial letter may state that the applicant has been declined for housing assistance on a federal level, but that their state level application is still being considered. When this occurs, it is a good idea for the applicant to contact the Public Housing Authority (PHA) in their area to find out if there are additional steps to rectify the denial.

PHAs will deny Section 8 eligibility if anyone currently living in the household engages in the sale or use of an illegal substance, which includes alcohol abuse. The PHA will consider evidence of rehabilitation if it exists, so if this is the listed reason a copy of the admittance papers to a certified rehab program may be evidence during the appeal process. Likewise, a Section 8 denial letter may occur if the applicant or anyone in the applicant’s household is a lifetime registered sexual offender or a convicted felon of producing methamphetamine on subsidized housing properties. However, it is grounds for Section 8 denial appeal if the person who committed the crimes no longer lives in the household. Section 8 housing disqualifications in KY also includes eviction from a similar program within the past three years and poor rental history.

Learn How to Avoid Section 8 Housing Disqualifications in Kentucky

While there are automatic Section 8 housing disqualifications in Kentucky, both the federal and state program allow the PHA in each county to have a very wide latitude in determining whom it will allow to participate in the housing programs in the area. PHA may send a Section 8 denial letter for missing federal regulations although a petitioner meets the state eligibility. For example, federal Section 8 housing disqualifications include eviction whereas Kentucky PHA will not deny the application if the eviction occurred happened because of rent nonpayment.

PHA looks at rental history in regards to making payments, maintaining the unit and any record of disturbing behavior at other apartment complexes. In these cases, there are no Section 8 housing disqualification, because KY rules allow someone else with a better history of payment to act as a guarantor (must be living in the home), who can be responsible for the rent in the new unit. Kentucky public housing rules also stipulate that the applicant must intend to use the unit as their primary residence. In general, the PHA, the entity that the applicant works with directly, administers both state and federal regulations with discretion. To avoid Section 8 housing disqualification, the applicant should pay close attention to both filling out the paperwork as well as providing verifiable documentation. Any agent at local PHA offices can assist with filling out the forms.

Learn How to Appeal Section 8 Denials in Kentucky

To find out what to do if Section 8 application was denied for an unjustified reason, continue reading. Kentucky Section 8 denial appeals have a specific process. The Section 8 denial letter closely lists the reasons for application rejection. Applicants can contact the PHA in the county where the application was submitted and make an appointment. The applicant will be asked to fill out a form that requests a Section 8 denial hearing. This is an informal hearing where a judge listens to the reasons for the Section 8 housing disqualification from both sides and makes a determination. However, there is a limited time in which a Section 8 appeal may be made. In most counties, it is three to four weeks after receiving the denial letter. The decision of the judge is final in most instances.