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Learn About Section 8 Requirements in Kentucky

Many residents wonder, “Do I qualify for Section 8 housing in Kentucky” when applying for housing assistance for the first time. The state determines Section 8 eligibility in Kentucky by using a set of basic guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in addition to qualifications based on state and local requirements. Kentucky Section 8 eligibility varies in each county. The answer to, what are the requirements for Section 8 in Kentucky, is not a simple due to the variations that can occur from one jurisdiction to another.

Learn About Kentucky Section 8 Requirements

As a rule, Section 8 eligibility in Kentucky is large dependent on a family’s composition and characteristics, such as if the family has disabled, elderly or children younger than 18 years of age living in the home full time. Next, KY Section 8 eligibility is contingent on a family’s yearly income. What are the requirements for Section 8 regarding earnings? The total family’s income, not just applicant’s or the head of household, must fall below the average income for others living in the area.

For example, if the average annual salary for a particular area is $48,000 then the Section 8 applicant must earn 80 percent of that median income or less. Lower income levels, such as those making only 50 percent or even 30 percent of the median income may qualify for a higher priority status. The average income levels can vary from county to county in Kentucky, so while a Section 8 petitioner may meet KY Section 8 eligibility requirements in Jefferson County, he or she may not qualify in Fayette County. Currently, there are no rules that forbid a family from moving to another county in order to reapply and meet qualification requirements. A complete listing of median salary ranges by Kentucky county is available online.

What are the personal requirements for Section 8? Additional Section 8 eligibility requirements include citizenship status as well as a criminal background check. The Kentucky Section 8 eligibility criteria state that the applicant must be a legal U.S. resident, although undocumented persons in the family who are living at the residence will not affect eligibility. Those wondering about Section 8 eligibility in Kentucky if they have a criminal record should know that a criminal history will not automatically disqualify an applicant. Housing authorities evaluate each criminal history case on a individual basis. Determination is largely conditional by the type and severity of the crime committed. Lastly, Section 8 eligibility in KY is susceptible to the rental history of the applicant. A long history of defaulted rental payments such as failure to pay or late payments may affect benefit approval.

What Documents Do You Need to Meet Section 8 Requirements in Kentucky?

“What do I need to apply for Section 8 housing in Kentucky?” is a common question of first-time housing assistance petitioners. To prove Section 8 eligibility, low income residents in Kentucky may need to furnish evidence of financial or medical need. The housing authorities can determine Section 8 eligibility when the requested documentation illustrates personal qualifications, low household earnings and family composition. The state typically requires the following documentation:

  • Proof of residency in the county (utility bill or letter from a shelter)
  • Pay stubs and tax returns
  • A listing of current debts
  • A listing of current other governmental aid
  • Current transcripts if currently attending school

Housing authorities will also request personal identification, birth certificates and Social Security Numbers for everyone in the household.

Learn Additional Information About Section 8 Requirements in Kentucky

“Do I qualify for Section 8 housing in KY?” is a difficult question to answer because so much of the qualification procedure is a personalized process. Section 8 eligibility in Kentucky can have additional criteria added by the owners of the participating complexes. In addition, Section 8 eligibility groups, like those who are elderly and disabled, have higher preferences and may take the place of other qualifying housing applicants without high priority family members.

If a disabled applicant later finds part time or temporary work, they can apply for an Earned Income Disallowance, which allows a disabled person to work a length of time to save money in order to leave the Section 8 housing program. This incentivizes the disabled to become productive citizens if they are able.

Lastly, it is of critical importance when researching Section 8 eligibility requirements in the state of Kentucky to note that incomplete applications or fraudulent information is a very serious matter. Those who provide false information can face Section 8 denial, eviction from their current rental, penalties to pay back all subsidies, a $10,000 fine or up to five years in prison.