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Learn About Section 8 Denial in Louisiana

“What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in Louisiana?” is a question many first-time applicants ask. If an applicant receives a Section 8 denial letter, the actual correspondence from HUD will list the reasons for the applications rejection. The most common Louisiana Section 8 housing disqualifications are incorrectly filled applications and missing information. Applicants can file a Section 8 denial appeal if they believe the rejection is unjustified and being the process of having the application reviewed once more. To learn what to do if Section 8 application was denied in Louisiana, read the topics below:

  • Learn about Section 8 housing disqualifications in Louisiana
  • Learn how to avoid Section 8 housing disqualifications in Louisiana
  • Learn how to appeal Section 8 denials in Louisiana

Learn About Section 8 Housing Disqualifications in Louisiana

Each Section 8 denial letter lists the reasons for the denial into the housing assistance program. Most Louisiana Section 8 housing disqualifications happen because the applicant did not fill out the forms correctly or the documentation furnished was not sufficient to verify the information provided on the application. After reviewing the Section 8 denial letter, the next step is to contact the closest LHA office and make an appointment to speak with someone about the denial letter.

Applicants should note that HUD will deny their application if it is discovered that anyone living in the home has been involved in the sale or abuse of an illegal substance or alcohol. A Section 8 housing disqualification in Louisiana occurs when the housing authority discovers that someone within the household has a serious criminal background (including conviction) or is still engaged in this criminal activity. In these instances, many parishes will reverse the rejection if the person involved in the criminal activity moves out voluntarily or by incarceration since the applications submittal. Additionally, LHA sends a Section 8 denial letter upon finding out that the applicant or someone from the household is a registered sexual offender. Evicted applicants from a similar assistance program may also face a Section 8 housing disqualification for the subsidized housing program as well. Reports of defaulting on payment, destruction of property or posing a threat, nuisance or disturbance to neighbors are all also grounds for rejection.

Learn How to Avoid Section 8 Housing Disqualifications in Louisiana

When it comes to Section 8 housing disqualifications in Louisiana, the state allows each LHA parish to have discretion in selecting eligible housing assistance beneficiaries into the program, including what qualifications they deem necessary. In addition to the usual documentation, some parish housing authorities will also ask for credit checks or other pertinent information. LHA may reverse Section 8 housing disqualification if an applicant meets certain conditions or corrections.

Learn How to Appeal Section 8 Denials in Louisiana

To formally lodge a Section 8 denial appeal in Louisiana there are several steps required in a certain order. Louisiana Section 8 denial appeals begin with the receipt of the official Section 8 denial letter, which will list all the reasons for the denial. If the listed reasons for Section 8 disqualification do not seem justified, the applicant can then move to the next step in the appeals process.

The next step in the Section 8 denial appeal is to go and speak with the local LHA agent. The agent can offer further assistance and insight as to why the reason for the issuance of Section 8 disqualification. In many instances, the applicant simply forgot to sign something or did not fully complete one of the forms. Once the applicant remedies this, many parish LHA offices will forward the application for review. However, if LHA discovers serious discrepancies, then the applicant may wish to move to a Section 8 denial appeal to plead their case. Applicants who are going to appeal the Section 8 denial letter will need to fill out a request for a Section 8 denial hearing. The Section 8 denial appeal in Louisiana is an informal process which involves a judge listening to both sides of the issue. After this time, the judge will make a determination about upholding or dismissing the Section 8 denial letter. The judge will not render a decision immediately, but rather will mail his or her verdict to each party within a month of the hearing. An additional appeal cannot occur once the ruling is final.