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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in Louisiana

The Louisiana HUD Section 8 application process is multileveled and the procedure can take many months to reward. Learning how to apply for Section 8 housing in Louisiana correctly can minimize potential applicants’ chances of rejection. Louisiana residents who wish to register for Section 8 housing programs in LA have several ways to apply for housing assistance. Interested petitioners can use the online application for low income housing in LA, by mailing in the application or by visiting the local public housing authority to obtain assistance in completing the forms.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Louisiana

Louisiana residents, who would like assistance on how to apply for section 8 housing in their area, should begin by speaking with a certified agent in the local Louisiana Housing Authority (LHA) offices. To assist residents in filling out the Louisiana HUD Section 8 application as well as answering questions, each parish in Louisiana has an established PHA in the area. In general, those who have had help in filling out the HUD Section 8 application often have a better chance of acceptance because the a properly filled out application. Many denials of the HUD Section 8 application happen because of incomplete or unverifiable information.

After submitting the HUD Section 8 application to the appropriate authorities, the LHA will begin the pre-application process. This process is to determine whether the candidate qualifies to register for Section 8 housing programs in the area or, if they do not meet eligibility requirements, to direct them to the appropriate departments. In order to sign up for Section 8 in Louisiana, applicants must qualify based on income requirements. Only those residents in LA who are low income will receive assistance. The federal and state guidelines state on the HUD Section 8 application that low-income designations are for those whose salary falls at least 30 to 80 percent below that of the average salary in the area. To obtain a listing of the median salary of the area in which an applicant lives, a simple search online will reveal the median levels.

Aside from income, the HUD Section 8 application in Louisiana requires that the applicant provide information about their family such as how many children younger than 18 years of age live in the home and how many of the household members are elderly or disabled. The HUD Section 8 application asks this information and more. Additionally, the HUD Section 8 application will most likely reject an application if anyone in the family has a conviction of a serious crime.

Citizenship is another question that on the HUD Section 8 application in Louisiana. While an applicant must be a legal U.S. citizen, not all family members in the in the home must be citizens. However, long-term visitors from outside the country who are in the U.S. on a visa are not eligible to apply. Likewise, registered sex offenders, those convicted of selling illegal substances or abusing illegal substances will have their HUD Section 8 applications rejected, even if the crimes happened many years prior.

Learn How to Register for Section 8 Housing Program in Louisiana

Many opt to use the Louisiana online application for low income housing for its convenience, but the online service may not be able to answer each question that arises. When visiting the local housing authority offices, there are agents to help residents learn how to sign up for Section 8 in LA and assist in filling out the forms or answering any questions. The HUD Section 8 application requires a great deal of information and documentation and failure to provide all of them can result in a denial letter.

The HUD Section 8 application will ask for the following:

  • Social Security cards for those living in the household
  • Rental history (old leases)
  • Personal identification for everyone in the home
  • Proof of family income (if any)

Learn How to Check Status for Section 8 Application in Louisiana

Once submitting the LA HUD Section 8 application, the review process can take up to two weeks. During this time the LHA will do some basic verifying of the information. After two weeks, residents can check status for Section 8 applications online, by visiting or calling the office where the applicant originally submitted the HUD Section 8 application. Applicants who qualify receive notification of admittance into the program by mail. A control number that corresponds with the HUD Section 8 application enables the candidate to access the waiting lists online as well as look for homes. Once a vacancy becomes available and the candidate’s name rises to the top of the waiting list, LHA calls the accepted candidate to issue housing vouchers. After the resident become eligible, LHA pays the subsidy directly to the landlord.