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Learn About Section 8 Denials in Michigan


In Michigan, Section 8 denial letters are mailed to applicants upon determination that they are ineligible for Section 8 housing. What are the reasons for Section 8 denial? Much of the time, the incorrect information has been listed on the application or the information was not verifiable. The Section 8 denial letter always explains exactly what the disqualifications were. Applicants can file a Section 8 denial appeal if they do not believe the reason for the denial is valid. To find more information about Section 8 denial in Michigan, read below:

  • Learn about Section 8 housing disqualifications in Michigan
  • Learn how to avoid Section 8 housing disqualifications in Michigan
  • Learn how to appeal Section 8 denials in Michigan

Learn About Section 8 Housing Disqualifications in Michigan

There are many MI Section 8 housing disqualifications, mostly for not meeting the requirements of Section 8 housing in MI. A very common reason for Section 8 denial letters is missing information on the Section 8 housing application. Another reason for Section 8 denial letters is that the housing authority was unable to verify information on the application. Applicants should always take the time to review the information with household members to confirm it is correct before submitting the form.

The federal housing authority must automatically issue a Section 8 denial letter anytime they find either a household member or the applicant is presently abusing illegal drugs or alcohol and that the substance abuse potentially threatens the health or lives of other residents. Automatic Section 8 denial letters also occur if any member of the household has previously or currently been convicted of specific drug-related criminal behavior or of sex crimes which require them to register as a sex offender for life.

Section 8 denial letters in Michigan will be sent when a member of the household, including the applicant:

  • Is unable to pass a criminal background check.
  • Has deliberately given false information on the application.
  • Does not meet income requirements.
  • Fails to provide adequate information to the housing authority.
  • Will not be living in the residence

Note that Section 8 housing disqualifications vary between federal housing and state housing authorities in Michigan, so both should be reviewed separately.

Learn How to Avoid Section 8 Housing Disqualifications in Michigan

The most frequent reason for a Section 8 housing disqualification in Michigan is due to incorrect information listed on the application form. To avoid receiving a Section 8 denial letter, applicants need to sit down with household members and confirm the information is accurate prior to sending the form in to the housing authority. Another common reason for a Section 8 denial letter is that the housing authority was unable to verify information. Submitting supporting documentation with the forms will help to prevent that from occurring.

Applicants may want to run background checks on their household members and themselves. If anything turns up on the check, it should be addressed before submitting the Section 8 housing application.

Learn How to Appeal Section 8 Denials in Michigan

There are different ways on how to appeal Section 8 denials because there are different agencies and housing types. For a federal Section 8 denial appeal, a Michigan public housing denial, or MI voucher denial, the applicant must submit in writing a request for an informal hearing. For a multifamily housing assistance Section 8 denial letter, the applicant must meet with the owner of the property. A letter requesting a meeting should still be sent to the owner with a request for signature to prove it was presented to them.

The first step of what to do if Section 8 application was denied is for applicants to gather all the documentation they can find to support their reasoning as to why the Section 8 denial letters should be considered invalid. Suggestions as to what documentation should be submitted can include proof the household member completed an approved rehabilitation program, documents showing the criminal activity was years ago, evidence that the household member has become a valuable member of the community, copies of a death certificate to show someone is no longer part of the household and documents with the correct information requested by the housing authority.

Michigan residents have the right to have an attorney present at the Section 8 denial letter hearing. Though it is not required, applicants should consult with a lawyer familiar with Section 8 denial letters to gain advice on how to prove their claims.

Even if the housing authority is not convinced to reverse their initial decision on the Section 8 denial letter, the applicant can request a reconsideration. At the second hearing, they are given the opportunity to present new evidence as to why the Section 8 denial letter was invalid.