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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in Mississippi

The Mississippi HUD Section 8 application is the first step in the process for low income families to obtain decent, and affordable, housing in the U.S. To become eligible for Section 8 in Mississippi, the HUD application that was developed specifically for Mississippi must be used. This Mississippi HUD Section 8 application requires the applicant to spend time providing the public housing authority with a great deal of information about the applicant, his or her family, income and their circumstances. Mistakes in applying for the HUD Section 8 application can be costly and often the applicant will not be allowed to apply for a full year. Taking the time to learn how to apply for Section 8 housing is important.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Mississippi

HUD Section 8 applications are currently only being accepted in two thirds of the 82 counties within the state of Mississippi. Residents in counties where HUD Section 8 applications are not being accepted at this time can still apply in other counties within the region. Each housing authority in Mississippi has multiple counties whose rosters may actually still be accepting HUD Section 8 applications. Therefore, it is important to also check status for Section 8 applications in the surrounding counties.

As a general rule, the MS HUD Section 8 application requires applicants to provide the following documentation with their applications:

  • Birth certificates for all family members.
  • Social security numbers for everyone living in the home.
  • Household composition (how many people and their ages)
  • Disability papers
  • Military papers
  • Government subsidy papers
  • A list of assets and debts
  • School transcripts (if the applicant is attending school)
  • Proof of income

After the HUD Section 8 application has been submitted in MS, the agent at the housing authority office will begin the pre-application process. This quick overview will let the applicant know quickly, if they are eligible to go further in the process or not. If they are approved, then the HUD Section 8 application will have the accompanying documentation reviewed. This process can take two to four weeks to complete. Once the applicant has been accepted into the program and the confirmation has been received, then the applicant is allowed to sign up for Section 8 in Mississippi, as long as they continue to meet the program’s parameters.

In order to remain eligible, or to be declared eligible for Section 8 in Mississippi at all, the HUD Section 8 application must have a listed income that falls within both state and federal guidelines. In general, those guidelines stipulate that the applicant and their household must not make more than 80 percent of the annual salary of their neighbors. Those who make 30-50 percent of the salaries of their neighbors are considered very low, or extremely low income, and are given priority on the list.

HUD Section 8 applications in Mississippi also state that the applicant must be a legal U.S. citizen, or naturalized citizen. Applicants must also have a clean criminal record, or if they have a criminal record have remained out of trouble for at least five years, in order to remain eligible. This requirement by the HUD Section 8 application also applies to household members.

Learn How to Register for the Section 8 Housing Program in Mississippi

In Mississippi, Section 8 applicants can do so using the online application for low income housing available via the local public housing authority in their area. Most prefer this type of application process because an answer is usually returned quicker and a confirmation of submission produced immediately. However, this does not mean that the HUD Section 8 application has been approved. Only upon receipt of the official approval in the mail is the application considered active.

Once a HUD Section 8 application has been marked as eligible, the applicant’s name will go on a waiting list for their area. This is used to check status for Section 8 applications and in particular to view one’s place on the list. The public housing authority will only notify the applicant once their name rises to the top of the list. In general, the reason for HUD Section 8 applications to be denied is because they have been filled out incompletely, or the proper documentation has not been attached.

Learn How to Check the Status of a Section 8 Application in Mississippi

After a period of two to four weeks, the applicant can check status for Section 8 applications either online or by sending a written request to the local housing authority. Most housing authorities will not answer a phone call in regard to the list. To check status for Section 8 applications in MS, applicants will be asked to produce the registration number (confirmation number, or control number) that they were provided upon acceptance into the program. To protect the privacy of those on the list, the general public is not allowed to view it.