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Learn About Section 8 in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Section 8 program covers all 10 counties in the state and offers affordable housing to those who are in need. Federally supported by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) though locally administered by the 20 New Hampshire housing authorities, the Section 8 housing program in New Hampshire manages 389 properties, or approximately 15,351 apartments. Low income housing in NH is largely dependent on a family’s combined income and how they compare to other families living in their county.

New Hampshire residents interested in obtaining Section 8 housing assistance often wonder if they can remain in their current living situation. This is often possible if the low income house rental is comparable to other maintained housing. In order to be considered, Section 8 programs will send out HUD representatives to inspect the home. If it meets basic guidelines, then the home is eligible to receive Section 8 voucher assistance.

NH Section 8 eligibility is largely determined by a family’s combined income. Both state and federal guidelines require that the family’s combined AGI (annual adjusted income) be less than the average of what others in the county are making. Those families making less than half of what others are making in their area will be considered eligible based on income.

However, income is not the only qualifying feature for Section 8 assistance. Applicants must also meet Section 8 requirements for U.S. citizenship, pass a background check and have a positive rental report. Those Section 8 applicants who have a history of non-payment to other subsidized housing projects will not be considered. Low income housing in NH offers preference to those who are disabled, elderly or are families with very young children. Most NH Section 8 housing programs maintain three separate Section 8 lists, so while one may be accepting applications, others may not. The best way to find out is to contact the Section 8 public housing authority and inquire as to which program they offer and if it is current accepting applications.

New Hampshire residents who are considering applying for Section 8 assistance for housing will need to gather specific documentation, and should access the median salary ranges for their area to make certain they meet income requirements.

Learn About Requirements for Section 8 in New Hampshire

Section 8 eligibility is set by the two different groups that manage the program. Section 8 housing is run by HUD. HUD works with each individual state to set up Section 8 eligibility requirements. In New Hampshire, HUD works along the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority (NHFA) to come up with the final program. In addition to setting up Section 8 eligibility, the groups work to answer common questions like, “What are the qualifications for low income housing in New Hampshire?” Compared to other federal programs, Section 8 housing is relatively straight forward and requires minimal documentation in order to submit an application.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in New Hampshire

Those who need to learn how to apply for Section 8 in New Hampshire should bear in mind that quite often Section 8 applications can vary from one locale to another. Those NH residents who would like to submit their HUD Section 8 applications in more than one county will have to fill out an application for each county. NH residents can apply for Section 8 in several ways, including sending an email request to the housing authority (who will then email an application) or applicants can call the toll free number to request that a HUD Section 8 application be mailed via regular mail. The HUD Section 8 application is also available for download online. Agents at the public housing authority can also answer questions about how to register for Section 8 housing programs. None of the housing authorities currently offer an online application for low income housing option.

Learn About Section 8 Waiting Lists in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Section 8 waiting list is currently open in some counties while in others it is closed, indefinitely. The numbers on the Section 8 waiting list fluctuate because of those who move into and out of the 389 managed properties in the state. For those who are in counties where the Section 8 waiting lists are closed, the question is often asked: “When will the Section 8 waiting lists open, again?” The answer will depend on the county, itself, and what their particular criteria is for updating and adding to their low income housing waiting lists. In the majority of NH counties, all of the low income housing waiting lists are currently open.

Learn About Section 8 Denial in New Hampshire

The New Hampshire Section 8 denial letter is mailed to notify applicants who are not deemed to be eligible for the public housing program. To learn what are the reasons for Section 8 denial, applicants need to read the letter carefully. Oftentimes, simple errors on the application lead to a rejection of benefits. The Section 8 denial letter contains all pertinent information for a denial appeal, including a deadline date. A Section 8 denial appeal can be filed if the applicant does not agree that the denial reason is well founded.