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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in New Jersey

New Jersey HUD Section 8 applications can be obtained from any local housing authority or by going online and printing out the forms to fill out by hand. Those who live in NJ and wish to receive Section 8 benefits will need to learn how to sign up for Section 8 which includes providing the requested documentation. While the actual HUD Section 8 application in NJ is not a lengthy application, failure to fill it out correctly, or completely, can result in a Section 8 denial of benefits, or a delay in its processing.

In order to successfully complete a HUD Section 8 application in NJ, applicants should take the time to learn how to apply for Section 8, carefully. Printed materials are offered at most of the housing authorities and the online application for low income housing, which is accessible by computer, will also have many resources that can be accessed. Lastly, those who are unsure of how to register for Section 8 housing programs can request that a housing authority agent fill out the application on their behalf.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in New Jersey

If a potential applicant pays close attention, completing the HUD Section 8 application should not take too long. One of the key factors to keep in mind is to fill out every section completely, and leave none of the sections blank. Additionally, HUD Section 8 applications require that the applicant produce documentation that proves the information that is being placed on the application form. Keep in mind when filling out the HUD Section 8 application that preference is given in many housing authorities to those who are disabled, elderly, veterans and often those families with small children.

The documentation most often requested by HUD Section 8 applications in NJ includes the following:

  • Social Security cards for all members of the household
  • Personal identification
  • U.S. citizenship papers
  • Tax returns and banking statements (current)
  • Proof of residency in the state

The information placed on the HUD Section 8 application will not only be about the applicant but also will refer to all persons who will be living in the home fulltime. U.S. citizenship is only required of the principal applicant but those in the home must be at least legally documented immigrants. The HUD Section 8 application will require any information about an applicant’s background, as well as that of their family members. Such background information on the HUD Section 8 application can include any criminal records, negative rental reports and any additional support that the family may already receive from the government.

Certain NJ housing authority HUD Section 8 applications may require additional documentation including government subsidies, criminal records, military papers (discharge), disability papers and school transcripts (if the applicant is in school).

Learn How to Register for the Section 8 Housing Program in New Jersey

The NJ online application for low income housing is the most popular way to apply for Section 8 in NJ. All documentation for the HUD Section 8 application that is submitted digitally must be able to be attached to the online form. To do this, applicants should take their documents and scan them so that the files are accessible when filling out the HUD Section 8 application online. Once the NJ online application for low income housing is submitted, the recipient will receive a confirmation email but the official acceptance into the program will not happen until the candidate has received an official confirmation letter by regular mail. For those who are reluctant to use the online form, the HUD Section 8 application can also be filled out manually using the paper forms. These can be completed and mailed to the closest public housing authority office along with the supporting documentation.

Learn How to Check the Status of a Section 8 Application in New Jersey

HUD Section 8 applications in NJ can take a few weeks to process, so the new applicants are urged to wait at least two weeks before inquiring about the status of their application. After a few weeks have passed, new applicants can check status for Section 8 applications in NJ by going online. Currently, NJ takes HUD Section 8 applications for many of its 230 apartment buildings. The wait time for affordable housing varies from county to county, but many of the counties are currently open with vacancies.