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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in New Mexico

HUD Section 8 applications in New Mexico will ask the applicant very personal questions about income, background and financial histories. New Mexico residents wondering how to sign up for Section 8 housing in New Mexico should start with a local housing authority. Many housing authorities have waiting lists for NM HUD Section 8 applications and only accept new applications during certain periods of time. The housing authority can inform the applicant when HUD Section 8 applications will be accepted. New Mexico residents are advised to file a HUD Section 8 application with several housing authorities since waiting lists can take years to clear. The easiest method for filing is the online application for low income housing, in addition to applying in person or by mail. The HUD Section 8 application process itself requires a great deal of verifiable information about every member of a household and incorrect or out-of-date information can result in a rejected application. It is important therefore, for the applicant to ask about what types of documentation are acceptable for verification on the HUD Section 8 applications in New Mexico and to report changes to the housing authority.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in New Mexico

In order to register for Section 8 housing programs in New Mexico, applicants will need to make certain that all of their information and corroborating documentation is correct and gathered. Although Section 8 housing is a federal program, it is managed at the local level by housing authorities to meet the local housing needs as well as the criteria for income, preference and other HUD requirements. Before going through the process of filing a HUD Section 8 application, the local housing authority can advise an applicant about the criteria necessary to qualify for assistance. Additionally, the HUD Section 8 application will give preferential assistance to the elderly, veterans and persons with disabilities, though some requirements can differ. Some housing authorities perform surveys of potential applicants to better understand the needs of the low-income housing market served by the housing authority. Local housing agencies also screen out HUD Section 8 application applicants that do not meet the requirements for eligibility.

Applicants that earn as much as 80 percent of the area median income are eligible to file the NM HUD Section 8 application and some applications can exceed the 80 percent threshold if the household has extensive medical bills. HUD Section 8 application candidates earning 50 percent of the area median income or less are considered very low income and may receive preference. Family size and composition will also affect the annual family income limit. Households with a senior citizen, veteran or individual with a disability will be preferred over other households since private housing markets for these populations are critically important and underserved. Another criterion for the HUD Section 8 application is that the applicant be a U.S. citizen or an eligible immigrant.

Learn How to Submit the HUD Section 8 Application in New Mexico

New Mexico HUD Section 8 applications require information about all members of the household such as age, sex, date of birth and relationship to the head of the family. Other necessary information on a HUD Section 8 application includes current address and contact information as well as the family composition (veteran, senior citizen or disabled) and family circumstance (homeless or living in substandard housing). New Mexico HUD Section 8 applications will also require previous tenancies, employers as well as bank statements. The local housing authority may also inspect current living conditions to ensure the applicant can and does manage the current residence, as well as interview household members.

In addition to the requirements for eligibility, there are also criteria which can exclude an applicant that might register for Section 8 housing program in New Mexico such as sexual offenders and anyone convicted in the manufacture or distribution of illegal substances. The New Mexico HUD Section 8 application requires that the applicant be at least 18 years old or an emancipated minor. Some HUD Section 8 applications can be rejected if the applicant meets other requirements but has a history as being a bad tenant or fail a background check.

Learn How to Check Status for Section 8 Applications in New Mexico

Once a NM HUD Section 8 application has been filed with a housing authority, the PHA will begin the process of verifying the information contained in the application. Before calling or going online to check status for Section 8 application, applicants are asked to wait at least two weeks because the verification process can take from several days to several weeks, depending on the application. If the application is accepted, the local housing authority must, by law, contact the applicant and relate the status of the application. If the NM HUD Section 8 application is accepted, the housing authority will either inform the applicant of an opening or place the applicant on a waiting list and the applicant can check status for Section 8 application periodically to learn the status of the application. Some waiting lists can take years to serve the housing needs of applicants. For this reason, applicants might be best served to file a NM HUD Section 8 application to all housing authorities that meet the housing needs of the applicant. If the application is rejected, the housing authority must inform the applicant of the reasons for rejection.