Learn How To Apply For Section 8 With our Help in North Carolina

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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in North Carolina


North Carolina residents considering how to apply for Section 8 housing in their county, should be aware that in order to consider someone eligible for the program, very detailed information with accompanying documentation, must be supplied. The HUD Section 8 applications in North Carolina often ask for information in the areas of personal income, family composition, residency and a background check. To begin the process of how to sign up for Section 8 housing in North Carolina, potential applicants should take the time to gather all of the information and documentation that they will need before completing the HUD Section 8 application to make the process smoother.

HUD Section 8 applications are only accepted in NC when the waiting lists are open in various counties. If a waiting list is closed in a county, then the applicant should spend the time completing the HUD Section 8 application and gathering necessary materials so that when the lists reopen, the candidate will be ready to apply. Once the lists reopen, the easiest way to file is by using the online application for low income housing though the HUD Section 8 application can be filed using regular mail or by dropping it off at the local housing authority’s main desk.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in North Carolina

Those NC residents who wish to register for Section 8 housing programs will need to obtain the HUD Section 8 application from the local housing authority office, or by downloading the forms from online. New HUD Section 8 application applicants are advised to schedule an appointment with a trained housing authority representative who can assist in determining whether an applicant should apply for Section 8 housing assistance or not.

One of the key factors in eligibility is that the HUD Section 8 application includes information about the entire household, not just the applicant. Therefore, when it comes to income the combined total income of the family should be 50 percent less than the average salary in their county. In order to apply for Section 8 benefits, the HUD Section 8 application will also ask for how many family members there are, their ages and if they qualify as senior citizens, veterans or are disabled. These special designations will earn the HUD Section 8 application a special priority consideration.

Another criterion for the HUD Section 8 application is that the applicant, though not necessarily the entire household, is to be a U.S. citizen or a legal immigrant.

Learn How to Submit the HUD Section 8 Applications in North Carolina

North Carolina HUD Section 8 applications can be submitted in a number of ways, but the fastest and most convenient way is to submit the forms using the online application for low income housing, which takes applicants about 30 minutes to complete. Housing authority agents advise those new to the process to fill out a HUD Section 8 application on paper first, then once completed, transfer the information to the online platform. Along with the HUD Section 8 application the applicant will need to submit many of the following documents:

  • Birth certificates for all family members
  • Social Security Numbers (and cards) for all household members
  • Tax returns, bank statements and paystubs
  • Relevant government paperwork (SNAP, TANF, etc..)
  • Disability Paperwork (if applicable)
  • Military paperwork (if applicable)

The HUD Section 8 application can also be submitted via regular mail, by fax (in some locations), and by hand delivery.

Learn How to Check the Status of a Section 8 Application in North Carolina

After the NC HUD Section 8 application has been filed with the appropriate housing authority it will take, on average, two to four weeks for the PHA to process the application. Before trying to check status for Section 8 applications, applicants are urged to wait at least this length of time before attempting to speak with someone, or to verify an application’s acceptance into the program. The HUD Section 8 application has been accepted for inclusion onto the Section 8 waiting list in NC if the applicant receives a confirmation letter in the mail. Along with this confirmation number is a registration number, sometimes referred to as the registration number. Using this number, the HUD Section 8 application applicant can check status for Section 8 applications online. Additionally, the applicant can check status for Section 8 applications by sending a request in writing to the housing authority where the application was submitted. Due to privacy concerns, the participant can only see their position on the list, and if their application is active. The Section 8 participant will be notified once their family’s name rises to the top of the waiting list.