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Learn About Section 8 Waiting Lists in North Dakota

The low income housing waiting lists in North Dakota in most counties are still accepting applications. Section 8 waiting list availability is subject to change, and can fluctuate from one county to the next. Low income housing waiting lists in North Dakota are maintained by each individual housing authority and are updated according to that county’s policies. The main coordinating organization for all Section 8 programs is the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Section 8 waiting lists are not accessible by the general public, and those whose names are on the Section 8 waiting lists in ND have gone through the HUD application process to become eligible for housing subsidies. No one can be placed on the Section 8 waiting list in ND without first being determined eligible to receive housing vouchers.

Learn About the Section 8 Housing Waiting List in North Dakota

Currently, a majority of the Section 8 waiting lists in ND are open and accepting applications. This means that once an applicant has successfully submitted their HUD application, that they will be added to the Section 8 waiting list. Inclusion on the list does not mean that the applicant will remain eligible. Most who are initially included on the Section 8 housing program application waiting list have been pre-qualified. The verification of documents does not take place until the applicant’s name has risen to the top of the list. Some counties take this a step further and after submission of the application will schedule an interview before allowing an ND resident to be placed on the low income housing waiting lists.

Learn How to Remain on the North Dakota Low Income Housing Waiting List

The Section 8 housing waiting list 2016 can be accessed only by qualified agents at the local housing authorities and by participating landlords. The Section 8 housing waiting lists are often purged by housing authorities in order to make room on the list and to remove those who no longer need the assistance, may have moved from the area, no longer qualify due to income, or those who have recently engaged in criminal activity. Housing authorities may also remove applicants from the low income housing waiting list if the applicant has failed to respond in a timely manner to correspondence sent by regular mail. Failure to respond to inquiries and requests by the housing authority is grounds for removal. Removal from the North Dakota low income housing waiting list can occur if participants do not adhere to the rules and regulations of the rental agreement or the landlord’s policies. Those who are already participating can have their names removed from the eligibility list for violation of HUD regulations in regards to public housing use. Houses and apartments that are a part of the Section 8 program must be used as primary residences.

Learn How to Check Your Waiting List Status for Section 8 in North Dakota

The North Dakota Section 8 housing waiting list 2017 can be accessed on a limited basis by those whose names appear on the list. Upon successful submission of a HUD application, a confirmation number or registration code, will have been provided. Using the code, applicants can check waiting list status for Section 8 housing. ND low income housing waiting list participants can find out if their application is still active, make updates to the information they submitted and find out what their position is on the low income housing waiting lists. Those whose names do not appear on the low income housing waiting lists and it has been at least a month or more since the HUD application was submitted, should contact their local housing authority to inquire.

If an applicant’s name does not appear on the North Dakota low income housing waiting list, and at least four weeks have not been allowed for processing, applicants are urged to exercise some patience. Many applications take time to process as they are all individually reviewed for accuracy. Those on the North Dakota low income housing waiting list will not receive correspondence from the public housing authority unless their name has risen to the top of the list and it is time for the housing selection to take place. Many low income housing waiting list applicants already have housing options selected, so that when their name is called, they already have a property to submit to the public housing authority’s agents.