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Learn About Section 8 Apartments in South Dakota

The South Dakota Section 8 program is a type of affordable housing that allows eligible participants to utilize housing vouchers to pay for up to 70 percent of their rent each month. The Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) works with a local South Dakota housing authority to administer and distribute these vouchers. South Dakota low income housing is available through 26 public housing authorities in all 65 counties of the state.

Section 8 housing in SD has many programs, but the two most popular programs are project-based and tenant-based Housing Choice Voucher programs. Both Section 8 programs use vouchers, but the tenant-based vouchers are tied to the user, which allows the tenant to move from one affordable housing project to another if they so choose. Once the renter has found approved low income housing in South Dakota, the local housing authority will work directly with the landlord. The Section 8 tenant most often is still responsible for 30 percent of the rent each month. SD Section 8 project-based vouchers are tied to the low income housing unit itself, so once the tenant moves, he or she will have to reapply for assistance.

Eligible Section 8 participants can select South Dakota low income house rentals that are not currently on the approved list. The participant can submit the dwelling to the SD housing authority, which will then inspect the property. Homes that are submitted for inclusion into the SD Section 8 program must meet minimum standards for safety, decency and affordability.

Section 8 housing in South Dakota is determined by application. Those who are contemplating applying for the Section 8 housing program should meet basic income maximums. Eligible residents are those Section 8 applicants whose income falls below the median salary for the county where they are applying. Federal and state guidelines state that the minimum Section 8 income level is 80 percent of what others earn in the area. Very low income for SD Section 8 qualification is a family that is only making 30-50 percent of what others are making, on average, for the area. In South Dakota, Section 8 housing applicants are advised to apply in as many counties as they would like in order to maximize the chance of qualification as well as reduce the wait time to receive housing vouchers. South Dakota Section 8 currently has openings in all counties, but this is often subject to change. To learn more about Section 8 housing in South Dakota, please refer to the following topics:

Learn the Requirements for Section 8 in South Dakota

Guidelines for Section 8 eligibility in South Dakota are determined by the two groups that are responsible for the program. These two groups are the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and South Dakota’s Public Housing Agencies (PHAs). While HUD establishes federal guidelines for participation in the Section 8 program, South Dakota’s PHAs create state and local Section 8 requirements. Many residents make the mistake of thinking that Section 8 eligibility is only determined by the total income of the household, but there are several other eligibility requirements.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in South Dakota

Those wondering how to sign up for Section 8 in South Dakota counties may begin the process by completing the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 application either online or by visiting a local Public Housing Agency (PHA). Applicants who plan to submit the HUD Section 8 application in SD should be prepared to provide required personal documentation. South Dakota’s HUD Section 8 application reviewers need to see a wide range of information, including contact information, financial history and personal information for all members of the household.

Learn About Section 8 Waiting Lists in South Dakota

Section 8 housing program application waiting lists in South Dakota are populated with applicants who are eligible for Section 8 benefits but are currently waiting for affordable housing assignments. The Section 8 housing program application waiting list in certain SD counties can be quite long, as the state has 65 counties and 17,000 rental units that are serviced by only 26 Public Housing Agencies (PHAs). Those on the Section 8 housing waiting list 2017 who wish to know their position on the list can find out in several ways, including online methods.

Learn About Section 8 Denial in South Dakota

Section 8 applicants will receive a Section 8 denial letter in South Dakota if they have been determined to be ineligible to receive benefits in the county where the application was submitted. What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in SD? Section 8 housing disqualifications in SD counties can occur for many reasons, but the most often cited reason for denial of coverage is that the petitioner did not supply all of the documentation or personal information that was required for the application. If a candidate feels that he or she has been issued a Section 8 denial letter in error, there are still some options. The SD Section 8 denial letter will list specifically why the applicant was rejected. If the candidate reads the Section 8 denial letter and still feels that he or she was denied benefits unjustly, then he or she can request a Section 8 denial appeal.