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Learn How to Apply for Section 8 in Utah

To learn how to apply for Section 8 housing in Utah, applicants should be ready and willing to provide personal information, including financial and background checks required by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), in order to proceed. HUD Section 8 applications in Utah will require housing petitioners to provide information in the specific areas of family combined income, assets, family composition, residency and citizenship. Additionally, the local Public Housing Agency (PHA) will conduct a background check on each member of the household. Utah HUD Section 8 applications also require documentation to substantiate all claims and information placed on the application. The documentation must match the information on the application, or the applicant risks a Section 8 denial. HUD Section 8 applications in UT can only be submitted to a local PHA when the waiting lists are open. In UT, most of the HUD Section 8 application waiting lists are currently open and accepting new eligible members. Keep in mind that submitting the HUD Section 8 application does not mean that the accepted candidate will immediately receive affordable housing assignments. The Section 8 service is regularly in demand, and those who are qualified may find themselves placed on a Section 8 waiting list for some time before a vacancy opens.

Learn How to Apply for Section 8 Housing in Utah

Utah residents who would like to register for Section 8 housing program assistance will first have to obtain the HUD Section 8 application from the local PHA or locate the forms online. Those residents new to the UT HUD Section 8 application process may schedule an appointment with a PHA representative who can help the new candidate determine eligibility for the program. Many new applicants to the program underestimate their family’s income and the median salary range of those in the area.

Where income is concerned, the UT HUD Section 8 application requires information to be provided about the entire household, not just the primary applicant. Therefore, the combined total income of the family should be 50 percent less than median salary of those living in the same county. The UT HUD Section 8 application will also want to know the household composition, such as how many family members there are, family members’ birthdates, and if members qualify as senior citizens, veterans or people with disabilities. These special groups will earn special priority consideration. The primary housing petitioner must be a U.S. citizen, and all household members must be residents of the county where they apply.

Learn How to Sign Up for Section 8 in Utah

The Utah online application for low income housing offers an easy way to complete the Section 8 application process. However, this submission process is not recommended for those whose applications are more complex or those who will be attaching a great quantity of documentation. Another way of submitting the HUD Section 8 application is to mail the application along with the documentation into the PHA or to take the entire application packet in person to the PHA offices.

HUD Section 8 applications in UT generally require the following documents:

  • Birth certificates for all family members
  • Social security numbers (and cards) for all household members
  • Tax returns, bank statements and paystubs
  • Relevant government paperwork (SNAP, TANF or other benefits)
  • Disability paperwork (if applicable)
  • Military paperwork (if applicable)

Learn How to Check the Status of a Section 8 Application in Utah

In Utah, the HUD Section 8 application will take at least two weeks, and may take up to four weeks, to be processed by the local office. During this time, the applicant will not be able to check status for Section 8 applications using the online platform, nor will anyone at the local PHA be able to give any information on its status. The candidate will be made aware of the UT HUD Section 8 application status when a confirmation letter is received in the mail. Along with this confirmation letter will be a unique code, which will allow the recipient to check status for Section 8 applications. Those on the waiting list can plan to check their position on the waiting list around once every week and update the application every six months. Those who would like to check status for Section 8 applications in UT without using a computer can send in a written request to the PHA for information about the waiting list and the application.