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Learn About Section 8 Waiting Lists in West Virginia

A West Virginia Section 8 housing program application waiting list is where most Section 8 applications will remain for some time. The low income housing waiting list in WV is a necessary part of the Section 8 application process, since there are often not enough rental units to meet the number of applications for Section 8 housing. Public Housing Agencies (PHAs) continuously maintain and update these local waiting lists in order to provide Section 8 rental assistance to eligible candidates. Applicants who are on the Section 8 housing waiting list 2017 in West Virginia and wish to know their position on the list have several ways to find more details.

Learn About the Section 8 Housing Waiting List in West Virginia

Specific information about Section 8 waiting lists in West Virginia will primarily come from the 34 PHAs located throughout the state. National information about Section 8 waiting lists shows that West Virginia has the lowest statewide median rent out of the 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. West Virginia also ranks 33rd of all states in lowest vacancy rates. Lower vacancy rates reflect a healthier collection of rental properties. This rating indicates that West Virginia’s collection of rental properties is below the national average.

Low income waiting lists in WV are maintained by 32 of the 34 PHAs in the state. The only two housing authorities in West Virginia that do not currently maintain a low income waiting list are the Housing Authority of the City of Weston and the Housing Authority of Boone County, as neither of these PHAs have Section 8 housing under their responsibility. However, these two authorities join 30 others in having a low income waiting list for Senior and Disability housing.

When will the Section 8 waiting lists open in West Virginia?

A Section 8 housing program application waiting list is often temporarily closed when applications for Section 8 housing far exceed the amount of available housing. However, West Virginia currently has open waiting lists in all areas that offer Section 8 housing. More specific information about Section 8 waiting lists in WV can be found through a local PHA’s online web page or by contacting a local PHA directly.

Other important information about Section 8 waiting lists in WV includes whether or not the PHA gives preferential treatment to those displaced by the sale, foreclosure or demolition of public housing. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) guidelines also suggest that PHAs give preferential treatment to victims of domestic violence, persons with disabilities, the elderly, single individuals or those who are homeless.

How to Remain on the Low Income Housing Waiting List in West Virginia

Remaining on the West Virginia low income housing waiting list is only possible if the applicant complies with all guidelines and regulations. A check of waiting list status for Section 8 housing may find a household name removed for a variety of reasons. Removal from a WV low income housing waiting list may occur due to a change in the petitioner’s household circumstances. For example, a raise in household income could make the household ineligible for Section 8 assistance. A PHA may also remove a household from the list if the head of the household has failed to reply to correspondence or if the agency found incorrect information on the initial application forms. Additionally, removal from a WV Section 8 housing program application waiting list may take place because of criminal activity or poor reports from prior landlords.

How to Check Your Waiting List Status for Section 8 in West Virginia

West Virginia’s Section 8 housing waiting list 2017 is not available to the public due to privacy laws. However, candidates who are on the low income housing waiting list in WV may access the list by visiting the PHA’s web page and using the control or client number they received at registration. The Section 8 housing waiting list can be viewed for all 36 PHAs in West Virginia by using this number. If the applicant has lost this number, he or she may contact the nearest PHA office for further information or to have the PHA mail the number.