Section 8 Denial in Wisconsin


A Wisconsin Section 8 denial letter will be sent to Section 8 housing applicants who have been declared ineligible by a local Public Housing Agency (PHA) for at least one of several possible reasons. For example, WI Section 8 housing disqualifications can result from a mistake on an application form, an income that is too high, a deliberate omission of information from an application form or a problem discovered during a background check. If a petitioner receives a Section 8 denial letter in Wisconsin, his or her options for responding are limited. A Section 8 denial appeal can be made in WI, but the applicant has no other options after the PHA makes a final determination of eligibility. To learn more about Section 8 housing disqualifications and Section 8 denial appeal in Wisconsin, please refer to the topics listed below:

  • What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in Wisconsin?
  • How to avoid in Wisconsin
  • What to do if Section 8 application was denied in Wisconsin

What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in Wisconsin?

A Section 8 denial letter from a Wisconsin PHA may arrive because of one or more serious offenses. Alternatively, Section 8 housing disqualifications in Wisconsin can result from one or more simple mistakes on an application form. A WI Section 8 denial letter will clearly state the PHA’s reasons for denial or eviction. To address Section 8 housing disqualifications arising from a simple error on the application, the housing petitioner can visit a local PHA and attempt to resolve any mistakes on the application form. Some of the reasons for Wisconsin Section 8 denial involving matters that are more serious may include:

  • Eviction from public housing.
  • Prior termination from either Section 8 certified housing or a housing voucher program.
  • Drug-related or violent criminal activity.
  • Fraud, bribery or other forms of criminal corruption.
  • Unpaid bills at other PHAs.
  • Abusive or violent behavior toward PHA staff.
  • Citizenship or residency issues pertaining to the applicant or any members of the household.
  • Absence from a public housing or Section 8 housing unit for more than 180 consecutive days.

A Wisconsin Section 8 denial letter can also require some applicants to examine the letter more closely. Housing petitioners applying for multiple housing assistance programs may confuse another government housing program’s denial letter with a Section 8 denial letter. In Wisconsin, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Section 8 housing is separate from other low-income housing programs, but the local PHA administers most of these programs. A denial letter from any area PHA could pertain to another housing program. Furthermore, a WI Section 8 denial letter sent to a rural household may be confused with a denial letter from a similar rent assistance program administered by Wisconsin’s Rural and Economic Development office.

How to Avoid Section 8 Housing Disqualifications in Wisconsin

Section 8 housing disqualifications in Wisconsin may come from mistakes such as under-reporting income or failing to notify the PHA of financial changes or other household changes. To avoid a WI Section 8 denial letter, the applicant can immediately report any household changes that require giving notice to the PHA. Examples of these household changes include a rise in income above 30, 50 or 80 percent of the area’s median income or the addition of a new member to the household. Section 8 housing disqualifications in Wisconsin may also occur due to negative reports from past landlords or PHAs. A Section 8 housing candidate who has experienced past rental problems can consider discussing these issues with the PHA.

Section 8 housing disqualifications in WI can also occur after the Section 8 beneficiary has already been declared eligible and moved into the Section 8 housing unit. This type of disqualification results from a violation of tenet guidelines, a violation of the housing agreement or the discovery of new information that invalidates the application.

What to do if Section 8 Application was Denied in Wisconsin

Instructions for how to appeal Section 8 denial in Wisconsin will arrive with the Section 8 denial letter. The guidelines for how to appeal Section 8 denial in WI require the applicant receiving the Section 8 denial letter to appeal the decision verbally or in writing within 14 days. The Wisconsin Section 8 denial appeal process must be conducted with a housing representative other than the person responsible for the original determination of ineligibility. After a Section 8 denial appeal hearing, the housing representative will provide a final decision within the next five days.