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Learn About Section 8 Denial in Wyoming

Learning how to appeal Section 8 denial in Wyoming is an important step for applicants who receive notice of their ineligibility. A local Public Housing Agency (PHA) can send a Section 8 denial letter in Wyoming for reasons as simple as an incomplete application or as complicated as an issue related to an applicant’s background check. In Wyoming, a Section 8 denial letter may come from one of several housing authorities, depending on whether the petitioner is part of the general population or applying through Native American agencies. In some cases, a housing petitioner may read the Section 8 denial notice and still believe that his or her household meets eligibility requirements for the housing program. These applicants can file a Section 8 denial appeal through a local PHA. For more information on what to do if Section 8 application was denied in WY, please read the following informative sections:

  • What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in Wyoming?
  • Learn how to avoid Section 8 denial in Wyoming
  • Learn how to appeal Section 8 denial in Wyoming

What are the reasons for Section 8 denial in Wyoming?

Federal law requires Wyoming Section 8 denial letters to list the reasons for denial, which can help clarify any issues or answer any questions that applicants may have. Some Section 8 housing disqualifications in Wyoming result from simple errors, such as the petitioner leaving out a required signature or listing an incorrect birthdate. The Section 8 candidate may correct these disqualifying errors and promptly resubmit their applications. Section 8 housing disqualifications of a more serious nature may have been the result of negative reports from the background check, application information that cannot be validated or a financial review that complicated the application. A Section 8 denial letter may also arrive after the applicant has already moved into his or her previously approved residence. This type of Section 8 denial notice may result from a violation of guidelines, a violation of the housing agreement or the discovery of new information that invalidates the application.

Some other common reasons for low-income housing denial include:

  • Prior eviction from public housing.
  • Prior termination from either Section 8 certified housing or a voucher program.
  • Drug-related or violent criminal activity.
  • Fraud, bribery or other forms of criminal corruption.
  • Unpaid bills at other PHAs.
  • Abusive or violent behavior toward a PHA staff.
  • Citizenship issues for the applicant or any of the household members.
  • Absence from a public housing unit for more than 180 consecutive days.

Housing petitioners with Section 8 housing disqualifications may contact or visit a local housing authority for help with re-filing the form or obtaining further explanation about the disqualification information. Clarification of Section 8 disqualifications for Native Americans may be found through the Office of Native American Program (ONAP) or the Tribal Department of Housing and Development – Veterans Supportive Housing program (Tribal HUD-VASH). Clarification for WY Section 8 housing disqualifications for the general population can be found through any of the eight public PHAs found across Wyoming.

Learn How to Avoid Section 8 Denial in Wyoming

Section 8 housing disqualifications in Wyoming may result from serious mistakes in financial reports on application forms. A Section 8 denial letter may be the result of under-reporting income or failing to notify the PHA office of financial changes in the household or other household changes involving participating members. To avoid a Section 8 denial letter in WY, the applicant will need to remain aware of household changes that require giving notice, such as a change of income that puts the household over the 30, 50 or 80 percent income level of the area’s median income. Low-income housing disqualifications can also occur due to negative reports from past landlords or PHAs. If the petitioner has experienced problems in the past, he or she can discuss those issues with the local PHA.

Learn How to Appeal Section 8 Denial in Wyoming

A Section 8 denial letter in Wyoming will come with clear instructions for appealing the ruling. After receiving the notice of denial, the applicant has 20 days to appeal through the local PHA. After filing the Section 8 denial appeal notice, the petitioner will have a meeting with a housing representative who was not involved in the original denial decision. This housing representative will consider the applicant’s explanation and review any other relevant facts in order to arrive at a new determination of eligibility. If the housing representative rejects the petitioner’s Section 8 denial appeal, then the applicant will have no other means for further appeal.